About Us

The World is currently going through the golden age of cybersecurity as more experts and solutions are needed to combat the increasingly sophisticated and coordinated attacks which are directed at individuals, companies, states, and even countries sometimes, Africa is also developing its cybersecurity sector but not at the same pace as the rest of the world, there is an urgent need to educate the society as a whole on various forms of cyber threats, frauds and digital rights.

We are a not for profit non-governmental organization whose mission is focused on providing cybersecurity education, awareness, and advocacy in Africa.

We are dedicated to tirelessly promoting online safety, digital rights, and educating individuals as well as cooperate bodies on understanding various cyber threats and how to respond to them when attacked.

Through campaigns, workshops, training, and webinars we plan to educate 20% of the African Population by 2030.

Cybersecurity advocacy is only effective when done collectively, become a cybersecurity advocate.